Love with Food box May 2015 Review

You ready for a fiesta?

My fiesta themed Love with Food Box has just arrived. I signed up for a 3 month Deluxe box subscription at the end of March, so this is my 2nd box.

I think this month’s box was more interesting than last months. It seems to have more items and more of a variety of brands. There is a clear theme this month since its labeled “fiesta, fiesta”, so its obviously hispanic flavored products.

view of may's fiesta goods

May 2015 Love With Food deluxe box. Hispanic Fiesta theme.


To me, the look of the box after peeling off the plastic was much more satisfying than last month. There was a lot of new interesting things to try.

view of may's goods

Love with Food May 2015 top of box view


Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips – 2 bags

popchips – 1 bag

lemon burst cookies

Spanish/English Smart Snacks – 2 bags

Bell Plantation PB thins crackers

GoVida freeze dried fruit: banana and raspberries

2 honey w/ Hibiscus sticks

4 hard candies

frozen smoothie fruit ice

jar of MontanaMex Sweet Salt seasoning

sample of Schar Gluten Free pasta